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We are a husband and wife team who started out researching and investigating the paranormal.

While we were investigating the paranormal, we started researching other topics: Archaeology and Wildlife.

Photography began to take a leading edge in what we did. We started taking pictures of anything and everything interesting. Even beautiful scenery took on a new prospective.

As our research and investigations continued, we started using more and more equipment. This led us to using and refining equipment in new ways. Please check out our equipment used for each area of research.

On our Website you will find articles on the campgrounds, State Parks & State Forests we have visited and camped at in Pennsylvania, how we rank them, useful information about them, and camping tips & recipes.

Please click on the link for The Great Outdoors. Here you will find pictures and articles on our beautiful & interesting state of Pennsylvania and the places we have visited.

We have also added our online store: PRO SHOP dba as Colleen’s Creations.  Here you will find Mailboxes, jewelry and embroidered items for sale. Some of the jewelry to be offered will have Pennsylvania stones in them that have been cut and polished. All our Mailboxes are hand painted and weather proofed with a clear coat for outdoor use. Our embroidery is unique in the fact we cater to small businesses, organizations, groups and individuals. There is no minimum order.

Please feel free to contact us by E-mail at or fill in one of the forms on the right.

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