Causeway Ligonier Pa

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The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society received a report about a creature sighting below the causeway at Ligonier. PRO went along with the PBS to help investigate the sighting report. The witness was interviewed earlier that day and gave the details. The witness was fishing when he noticed a large hairy creature stand up and cross the creek. We were here on May 11, 2007

Click on the pictures to the right and more detail will be provided

Looking up the creek - we got there around 6:40 pm

Curious snake

looking up the creek

looking up the creek

Rte 30

We got there around 6pm and started looking around

The causeway near Ligonier PA

Looking down the creek

from the cement Causeway

The causeway

The casueway - Ligonier PA

causeway 2007-05-11

causeway ligtened up

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