Derry Township Westmoreland County
November 4, 2007

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Sunday afternoon, November 4, 2007, a few possible prints were found in a swampy area. Later that evening the witness was outside retrieving an object from the yard when he noticed a creature standing about 10 yards away from him. It stood about 6 to 7 foot tall and was covered in hair. He ran back into the house and got two more people to come outside. They walked around and looked at the prints that were found earlier that day. The witness’s step father covered up the prints because possible rain was coming thru the area. We arrived November 5, 2007 around 5:30 pm but it had started to rain. The heavy rain turned the area into a very, very muddy swamp and the prints were now under water but still visible. We could not cast at this time. Denny & Stan went back on Tuesday afternoon, November 6, 2007 to see if the water had subsided. The water had gone down but the prints were no longer worth casting. They walked the swamp area and went to a nearby stream but found no other evidence. Very interesting pictures - very unusual

If you click on the first picture, it will enlarge the pictures & show a caption

This picture was from the witness that found the possible footprint

possible footprint

possible heel & toe

another possible print in the swamp

this is the print after the heavy rain went through

measures between 12 to 13 inches long

another view of the print under water

the possible footprints were found in a very dense area

nearby stream

The investigators checked out the area by the stream but found no additional evidence

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