R & R Station - Mount Pleasant PA

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R and R Family Station Restaurant & Inn

The Pennsylvania Researchers Organization conducted a four month paranormal investigation at the R and R Family Restaurant & Inn. After an in-depth interview with the owner and the employees, PRO, using the most state of the art equipment on the market, agreed to investigate. This documentary is a summarization of the investigation and the evidence collected. It is our policy not to claim that a place is “Absolutely Haunted”, but we feel that the R and R has enough unusual paranormal activity to warrant further investigations. But you the viewer decide.

Date: Moon Phase: Temperature: Humidity:


  • Dennis C.
  • Colleen C.
  • Tom L.
  • Felix C.
  • Ryan C.
  • Eddie B.
  • Maria C.
  • Dolores Concanon-Martell, World Renown Psychic



Equipment used:

     For the video & photographs:

  • Pentax Optio MX
  • (2) Coolpix 2500
  • Thermal Imager - Panasonic ISI model 94
  • (4) digital night vision cameras - Night Max 1000
  • 4 channel DVR 120 GB
  • Sanyo 24 hour real time video recorder
  • Panasonic 24 hour real time video recorder
  • (4) game cams - Wildview Xtreme II 3.1 MP
  • Sony video camera - TRV 460
  • (2) ZVT electron wireless infrared camera
  • Aventura Technologies Infrared camera

     For audio:

  • (2) Orbitor 3600 parabolic dishes with digital recorders
  • Olympus digital recorder with directional microphone
  • Sony analog recorder
  • (2) Panasonic analog recorders with microphone


  • dousing rods
  • tri-field EMF
  • EMF meters
  • non-thermal temperature gauge
  • wind chimes/dream catchers
  • temperature/humidity gauge
  • “World Renown Psychic” Dolores
  • Geiger counter
  • Night Owl optics night vision scope

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