Bushy Run Battlefield May 25, 2003

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Our trip to Bushy Run Battlefield in Westmoreland County PA was to conduct a ghost study of the area - below are our results - at the time we were there we noticed no paranormal activity

Click on the pictures to the right and more detail will show

We checked out the field were is has been verified that the bodies of the Indians were buried in an open pit

We changed our settings on the cameras to find any anomalies

looking out over the electric lines

the flag that marks the burial site

area of burial site

same location but in black & whtie

again we change dthe settings on the camera but found nothing

walking thru the battlefield

The resident ground hog - peeking out from under the building

even though there were people around - the ground hog did not care

finally - he took one last look and went back under the building

looking out over part of the battle ground that was plowed

another view of the farm land

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