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  • Cashtown Inn - A ghost of a Civil War soldier haunts this Inn. Footsteps have been heard walking throughout the Inn and occasionally knocks have been heard on doors, particularly to room 4.
  • Cemetery Lodge: Eerie footsteps have been heard on the steps of this building. For many years this was the building that had all the unclaimed personal items of the men killed at  Gettysburg.
  • Devil's Den - The apparition has been seen of a long-haired, barefoot man in ragged clothing. Numerous Orbs and apparitions of civil war soldiers have been seen also. The Texas soldiers that defended the area from the Union Troops are said to haunt the area.
  • Dobbin House - This  house is the oldest building in Gettysburg. It was used as a underground  railroad to supposedly hide slaves. During the Civil War, it was used by both sides as a hospital to treat the wounded. Many visitors have stated that a presence is felt always watching them and they are not alone in the house.
  • Doubleday Inn - A womanly apparition with her hair in a bun has been seen passing the foot of the beds and then vanishing. Sounds of people marching have been heard outside, along with loud talking and yelling.
  • Eisenhower Home - Mamie Eisenhower's image (Former President Dwight Eisenhower's wife) has been seen in a corner of the living room and near a bedroom window. The former maid to  the Eisenhower's has also been seen roaming around the house as if to be cleaning up the place. Mamie's mother and also President Eisenhower spirits are there also.
  • Farnsworth House Inn - A ghost name Mary walks the  halls of the Inn and appears in the rooms. The ghostly image of a man carrying his son Jeremy, has been seen. His son was run over by a horse and  buggy and killed. Crying, singing and footsteps are heard frequently. Cold  spots are reported by visitors. Three Confederate sharpshooters haunt the garret of the house. The apparition of a soldier carrying his wounded friend to the cellar of the Inn has been seen. This wounded soldier dies in the catacombs of the cellar. 
  • Gettysburg National Military Park - This entire park is haunted. Visitors have reported seeing the battlefield engulfed with apparitions of soldiers still fighting the Gettysburg battle. A ghostly  image of a military dog has appeared also. Many photographs of Orbs and  apparitions, along with EVP's have been taken here. During the Civil War, soldiers from the Northern Troops had told many that the apparition of George Washington appeared before them to lead them into battle.
  • Gettysburg College - Several entities have been observed here. "The Blue Boy" is one of many. He sought refuge here from his abusive parents. His face appears in the windows looking in. Civil War sentries have been seen on the roof of the buildings. Paranormal activity has been seen in the basement that used to be a Civil War Field Hospital.  A grotesque hospital scene in the basement of Pennsylvania Hall has been viewed by many. Ghostly images of children have been seen on the third floor and the image  of a girl, who appears to be looking at herself, has appeared in the mirrors of several of the rooms. A Civil War General haunts Bura Hall. He appears sitting in a phantom chair in the center of the stage. Apparitions of the sentries from the Civil War have been seen hovering in the Cupola and over the roof.
  • Hummelbaugh House: This building served as a crude operating room, where the limbs of soldiers were quickly amputated and thrown out the windows.
  • Forney Farm Iverson's Pits - Around 500 men lost their lives on this battlefield due to General Iverson's mistake. Their bodies were put into long trenches and buried. Their bodies were later exhumed in the 1870's. Many Orb's have been caught on film where the pits used to be.
  • Jenny Wade House - Jenny Wade was the only civilian killed at the battle of Gettysburg. She was at her sister's house when a bullet came through the door and killed her. Reportedly her father haunts the basement. A small display is set up in the basement for the public. Many  people have observed the chain surrounding the display to swing on its own.
  • Triangular Field - Historical Records have noted the a Civil War photographer lugged around the body of a Confederate soldier and took the soldiers picture at various spots on this field. He then left the soldiers body at a large pile of boulders.
  • Weikert House: The apparitions of frightened soldiers have been seen in the attic and the cellar of this building located in the middle of the park.

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