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  • Kirk House (private residence): A man has been seen staring out of a window looking upon the old railroad.


  • Private residence: A Greenfield residence had her father-in-law visit them. During his visit he died of heart failure in their spare bedroom. When the family returned home after the funeral, they could not get into the spare bedroom. Something or someone had barricaded the door from the inside. Upon investigating the room, no windows were open or broken into. No one could figure out how this occurrence happened. A strong aroma had been detected after his death also. No amount of disinfectant or room freshener could get rid of the smell.


  • Byers Hall: Community College of  Allegheny College: This old mansion is home to at least two ghostly apparitions. Alexander Byers granddaughter fell to her death near a stairwell inside the the house. Then the distraught nanny hanged herself in the same stairwell. The apparition of the nanny has been seen there and a crying child has seen and heard.
  • Carnegie Library: Build over a cemetery, this library is believed to be haunted by restless spirits.
  • Chatham Women's College: Nicknamed "The Blue Lady of Woodland Hall", many students have seen this ghostly image. She floats above the students wearing a blue dress. No one is  sure who she is. Also, the spirits of children have been felt and heard playing games in the dorms.
  • Congelier Mansion - Ridge Avenue - at  one time this was considered one of the most Haunted Houses in America  (note: this building is no longer there): During the winter of 1871, a wife found her husband in bed with their maid. She stabbed her husband 30 times. She also severed the maids' head. The mansion remained empty till around 1892 when they were made into apartments. Nobody seemed to stay there very long as loud blood curdling screams were heard and a woman sobbing. Rocking chairs would also rock on their own. Within two years the  apartment house was empty. A Doctor moved in next. One night the windows blew out. When the firemen and the police arrived they found a gruesome sight. Although the Doctor could not be found, the headless body of a woman was found upstairs. Apparently the Doctor was experimenting keeping headless bodies alive. More bodies were then found on the estate. Many that had psychic abilities came to the mansion to check it out. One medium felt a horrible spirit was there. Objects would be hurled by unseen hands barely missing her. In the year of 1927, an huge explosion occurred two blocks away from the mansion and totally destroyed it.
  • DuQuesne University: Old Main's basement was part of the Underground Railroad. Many slaves had met their demise there. Voices and chains rattling have been through the vents. Fisher. Fisher Hall is named after Charles Fisher, the Founder of Fisher Scientific. Chester died in Fisher Hall and his ghost still roams throughout the building. Many have said an old man opens the door for them and when they turn around to thank him, no one is there.
  • Fort DuQuesne: Screams are often heard  from across the river coming from the Fort. Supposedly they are from members of General Braddock expedition, where all the soldiers were taken prisoner and executed by the Indians.
  • Frick Mansion: Sarah Frick haunts this building. Footsteps have been heard and doors mysteriously open and close.
  • KDKA-TV STATION: This television studio is supposedly haunted by the presence of its former  facilities director, Julian Drob. He had left behind a lot of unfinished  business and lingered on to help others finish his job. Lights would go off and on and pages would turn by themselves.
  • Michael Blaha Flower Shoppe: A little boy named Peter haunts this Flower Shoppe in Etna, a suburb of  Pittsburgh. Peter is a playful spirit that moves things around, especially stuffed animals. In the 1920's this building was a brothel. Peter is believed to be an illegitimate son of one of the women working there. He was playing in the attic when a fire started and he was killed. This Flower Shoppe is no longer in this building, which is now boarded up.
  • Millvale Croatian Church: The original Catholic Church burned down under mysterious circumstances. Father Ranzinger, who built the original church, is said to be the ghost that haunts the church now. A ghostly figure moves around the alter and unexplained cold spots have been reported there also.
  • Monument Hill: Community College of Allegheny County Campus. During the war of 1812, four pastures  served as field hospitals. Soon after, ghostly apparitions of soldiers were seen roaming around. During the Civil War, this same area known as Hogback Hill, was the place were many Civil War soldiers had seen ghostly images. A monument was put up in recognition of the soldiers, but it has since been  moved.
  • North Side Row House: In one of the row houses, the apparition of "Uncle Victor" has appeared. Uncle Victor was an alcoholic and his life was unstable. After he died he was seen  wondering around the old row house, sometimes playing and praying with children, and other times asking where his wife was.
  • The Pittsburgh Playhouse Theater: Five spirits are said to haunt this building. The theater now stands where row houses once stood. A fire burned down the row houses killing "Weeping  Eleanor" and her daughter. No one has actually seen Eleanor but many hear her crying. John Johns is another ghost here. He was a prominent Pittsburgh actor from 50's and 60's who died of a heart attack in the basement. Another spirit is "The Lady in White". A prominent actress in the 30's, she killed her husband, his mistress, and then herself in the theaters bar. She has  been seen brandishing her weapon. Another entity is "The Bouncing Red Meanie".  It is believed to first appear at a seance held by five Point Park College students on Halloween night 1971 in the theater. After midnight the students closed the theater and turned off the switchboard. Soon after the seance started, a red figure appeared at the back of the theater and began bouncing furiously back and forth. Then phones started ringing and when they looked out into the theater, it was filled with silent people dressed in the turn of the century clothing. The final spirit is of "Gorgeous George", a green man with a decaying face. He likes to go around scaring young actresses.
  • Shields House: Captain Shields, a former owner, haunts this house. He has been seen on the first  floor, just to the right of the entrance. Apparitions of his family have also been seen sitting on a couch in the living room.
  • South Park: This is the most  popular home of the Green Man. He roams around the park scary children and  young couples away. Sometimes he appears as a green mist. Some say he was  struck by lightning, others say he was electrocuted in the nearby B&O railroad tunnel.
  • University of Pittsburgh: The Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning is 42 stories high and is the tallest academic building in the world. "Mary Croghan-Schenley", is the  ghost that haunts this building. Because of the valuables in this building it is locked every night. But many times the Curator has opened the doors to finds the items are rearranged. A chandelier often swings for no apparent reason.

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