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  • Private residence (named withheld): This is a recurring haunting that happens every Tuesday. Cigars can be smelled and at times there is a strange darkness at the bottom of the stairs in the shape of a human. Footsteps can be heard going up the stairs. A woman  currently lives alone in this house and finds the toilet seat in an upright  position. An old set of dresser drawers had been left in the house and sometimes the drawers would be opened. When the woman checked out the  history of the house, it belonged to a man who died on the stairs from a heart attack and almost burned the house downed when he dropped his cigar.  He died on a Tuesday. Also the old dresser used to belong to this man.
  • Witches Hill: Strange balls of light have been seen  dancing all around the mountainside. It is believed these are the ghosts of  the witches that once gathered on this ridge.


  • Haag Cemetery: Near the grave of George D Fahrenbach, a civil was soldier who lived between 1846 to 1919, a apparition of a women appears.


  • Old Birdsboro Bridge: This bridge is now torn down, but the ghost of a veiled women has been seen here for over a hundred years. She has stopped travelers and talked about life  after death and has tried to detour them over the nonexistent bridge or to join her on the other side.


  • Fairway Cemetery: The original building of the Rhoads Opera House burned down in 1908. Over 170 people died in the fire and their remains and ashes from the building were buried in a common grave located in Fairway Cemetery. Cries and moans can be heard from the grave and  many police reports have been filed about the phenomena.
  • Rhodes Opera House: Cries of people in pain have been heard at this location. A fire killed many people when it burned down this theater. A house close by has been harassed by Spirits. A new theater has been built on the same location.


  • Fair's Wings of Wind Restaurant: Caleb Brinton is thought to be the apparition that haunts this restaurant formerly known as the Brinton Lodge. He ran an exclusive dining establishment here from 1927 to 1975. It is believed he does not approve of the common people enjoying his restaurant.


  • Schuylkill  Canal: A  woman's image has been seen wandering atop of the water or along the tow  line of the Five Locks section. This is supposedly the daughter of one of the lock tenders. She drowned, but it is not sure if she jumped in or fell in.


  • Kutztown State College: A ghostly image of a woman has been seen in the administration building. This is supposedly the spirit of Mary Snyder who died of heart failure, just days  before her graduation in 1895. At White Oak Street, at one of the coed apartments, the ghost of a woman roams around.


  • Hawk Mountain Sanctuary New Bethel Cemetery: The  most popular ghost on this mountain is that of Matthias Shambacher. He  confessed to killing many people after staying at the Inn he operated in his house. Matthias is buried in an unmarked grave at the bottom of the mountain in the New Bethel Cemetery. He is seen walking the roads of the cemetery.  Apparitions have been seen peering out of the windows of the old headquarters building in the Nature sanctuary, which was once Matthias Shambacher house. Also at this Inn is the spirit of a little girl that fell down the stairs and died. She appears standing 18 inches above the floor of  the cabin. The ghost of a glowing ten foot tall man appears on the road that goes over the mountain. Indians supposedly killed settlers here in the  1700's and there ghostly apparitions still roam the mountainside at night.


  • Long Lane: The apparition of a young girl wearing a white gown is seen along this road. Legend has it she was awaiting her husband-to-be to return from the Revolutionary War, but unfortunately he died in battle. Reports have it that she is only seen between May and July.
  • Oley Forge: After this Ironmasters Mansion was restored in the late 1960's, four ghosts started to appear. One was the former owner, Colonel John Lesher, who usually appears with a male servant and a large dog. The fourth apparition is of a small girl who is usually singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
  • Sacred Oak: A powerful presence in this great oak tree has been revered by the Indians and the white settlers. This great oak tree is over two hundred years old.


  • Central Catholic High School: This building used to be a mansion. It is haunted by the ghost of a man who hanged himself in the attic. A dark apparition has been seen in the classrooms, walking the corridors and outside in the garden area.
  • City Hall: This building was first the Readings Boys High School. After its renovation into the City  Hall, strange things started to happen. A women has been seen peering through a window in one of the doors. Also a man in a gray suit has been seen on the second floor. Footfalls, doors swinging open for no apparent reason and doors slamming shut have been noticed also.
  • Clover Alley: Eerie screams and moans can be heard coming from an old house, where a woman was murdered in the early 1900's.
  • Hampton Fire Station: A former fire chief, Edward Dell, haunts this building. Footsteps and the sounds of a billiards game are attributed to him. His portrait has fallen of the wall on the anniversary of his death. Some firefighters have reported being shaken awake by his apparition moments before the fire alarm goes off.
  • Hampden Reservoir: A young woman wearing a long dress has been seen walking on the rim of this reservoir. Her apparition is clear and sharp, but when you approach she disappears.
  • Lock #49 near Gring's Mill: The apparitions of Mrs. Phillip Bissinger and her three children have been seen along the towpath of this canal lock. She supposedly tied large rocks to  herself and her children , embraced them, and jumped into the water near Lock #49. They all had drowned.
  • The Majestic Theater: The apparition of an old woman has been seen walking across the balcony. Her identity is unknown. A former director, has been seen in the costume room, prop room, and the auditorium. Frank, a former actor at the theater, is reportedly haunting the theater looking for his used nail box. There was also the time when a Sears Saw mysteriously turned on by it self (it has a  safety switch).

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