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  • Baker Mansion: When Anna Baker was young, her father would not allow her to marry a man that was a common Millwright. She never married and died alone in 1914. It is her ghost that is believed to haunt this house. Her slippers have gone walking by themselves and her wedding dress, that is displayed in her old bedroom, has moved inside its airtight glass case. In Anna's winter bedroom the bedcovers have often been ruffled as if someone had slept there.


  • A house appears on the mountainside and then disappears. People from the town swear the house was demolished years ago, but people driving along the mountainside has seen this apparition of the house.


  • Abandoned mines: Now an abandoned mining town, those who have gone there and  looked into the mines have seen apparitions of "glowing" miners going about  their work.


  • Royer Mansion: A man reportedly murdered his family and then committed suicide. Also there is Carrie, a gentle spirit that was the last private owner. An apparition of an old lady has been seen sweeping. Lights have also been seen in the attic and the second floor when the building was abandoned with no electricity. A tenant house on this estate had been torn down (because no one would stay there) due to stories of it being haunted by a  suicide victim.


  • A red brick house on the edge of town has an elderly woman, who invites you in the house but then disappears.
  • Cove Forge House (currently an office  building): A little girl singing old children's songs have been heard in the attic. She is thought to be a child that lived there with her  grandparents. Her grandfather did not want here there and made her stay in the the attic most of the time.
  • Feed Mill: A house was turned  into a feed mill. As the owners were digging up the sewer line, they found a burlap bag with the remains of a baby in them. The history on the house was that former owners heard a baby crying in the basement.
  • Short Cut Rd: In the 1980's, a young girl was struck by a motorcyclist and killed. Her apparition has been seen walking this road by motorists, but when they approach her, she  disappears.
  • Spring House Mansion (demolished):A caretakers house was the site of a murder-suicide. The presence of someone watching you had been felt many times when the house was still standing.
  • Upper Piney Creek Rd: A  private residence there had a murder suicide in the house. Many families have moved in and out of this house, and most have stated the apparition of a man has been seen here.

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