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  • Bordentown Road at Manor Lake - According to witnesses, the ghost of "Midnight Mary" has been seen walking across the  water of Manor Lake. She has also been seen hitchhiking wearing a soaking wet prom dress.
  • Bristol Cemetery - No one is exactly sure how many ghosts are roaming this cemetery. Plenty of Orbs and white lights appear out of nowhere. The voice of a young girl has also been heard. People trying to record the voice and the Orbs have reported their batteries going dead.
  • Margaret Grundy Memorial Library - The brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph, is believed to haunt the riverbank behind the library. A woman named Sarah Keene lived in a mansion that used to be where the library is now. This young lady rejected Joseph and his broken heart is  said to keep his spirit here, waiting for Sarah to change her mind about  him.
  • Saint James Episcopal Cemetery - Several ghosts haunt this cemetery. An old "Iron Chair" is next to the grave of Merritt P Wright. The name of the chair is "The Witch's Chair". Legend has it that anyone who sits in the chair at midnight in the month of October, will have the arms of  a witch encircle them. Not too far from "The Chair" is the grave of Gertrude Spring. Supposedly she is the women behind the ghost of "Midnight Mary".


  • Bucks County Community College Tyler Hall - This building is reportedly haunted by the former administrator Stella Tyler. Tyler Hall was named after her.
  • Dark Hallow Road - This entire road is haunted. Mysterious lights have been seen flickering and moving around, along with Orbs. A hundred years after his death, the remains of this physically  abusive school teacher were found in the school house.
  • Fonthill Mansion - This is a concrete mansion. The ghost of a former housekeeper has been seen dusting and making beds in various rooms.


  • Bucksville House Bed & Breakfast - A man in a flat black hat haunts the upstairs bedrooms. He usually seen standing at the foot of the beds. A ghostly image of a women who supposedly died upstairs has also been seen. A woman and a baby have also been observed. Two maids also  have been reported tidying up rooms when no employees were working.  


  • Bolton Mansion - A ghostly image of a little girl is seen running from window to window. Also the image of a woman has been seen wandering the grounds, as if looking for something.


  • The Inn at Philips Mill - The ghost of a woman in a long dress has been felt brushing by visitors on the stairs and has been seen rocking in the rocking chair in the upstairs hallway.
  • Logan Inn - Room 6 is haunted by a glowing apparition that gives off the strong scent of Lavender. At night, the ghost of a little girl roams the parking lot. A Revolutionary War Soldier has been seen in the basement, dining room and the bar area.
  • Pickett House - Joseph Pickett died in 1918. His ghost has been seen in and around his former house. The upstairs bedroom, which used to be his art studio is where he is seen most often.


  • The George School - According to legend, a Hessian Soldier died in prison and was buried under the floor of the basement. Dr. James Tate exhumed the body, dissected it and then reburies the remains in  the cellar. Reportedly flashlights, lanterns and candles are said to go out when you cross over his grave and then footsteps are heard running up the stairs and across the floor to the front door.

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