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  • a duplex: It seems that a  Duplex in State College had an entity in it that appeared especially to woman  undressing, bathing or having sex. This entity would appear as a shadowy man, very big and black. On several occasions footsteps were heard and doorknobs were being turned as if someone was trying to get in. Lately the apparition has been seen less and is less terrifying.
  • Penn State University: Schwab Auditorium is haunted by a few different ghosts. Charles Schwab may be one  of them. The other could probably be the late University President, Dr. Atherton, who was president of the school and buried beside the Auditorium. An unknown apparition of a soldier is also seen around the campus.
  • Runkle Hall: Poltergeist activity had been reported in one of the third floor rooms in 1994. Loud banging sounds, lights blinking off and on, and voices talking incoherently were reported by a resident assistant. Also she said the pillow and mattress were "breathing" - rising and falling in a regular pattern. The university  investigated, but nothing was reported as an explanation.
  • Watts Hall Dormitory: A mule  named "Old Coaly", one of the original pack mules that worked to build the  university, has been seen and heard braying outside the storage room. His  skeletal remains are on displayed in the Agricultural Building.

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