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  • General Wayne Inn - The ghost of a soldier has been  seen walking through the cemetery behind the Inn. Edgar Allen Poe's ghost  was seen writing by a window. The basement is haunted by two Hessian  soldiers, a black man, an Indian, two women and a boy. The office is haunted  by a former owner that was killed there.
  • The Old Penn Rynn Manor - Formerly called the Biddle  Estate. The original owners son fell in love with one of their maids, a  commoner. His parents did not approve. The young lovers walked into the  Delaware River never to return. Their ghosts have been seen walking along  the river and along the path from the house to the water.


  • Pennsylvania House: Sounds of  ballroom dancing and moving shadows have been observed and reported by some  residents.
  • Valley Forge National Military Park - The apparition of General Anthony Wayne has been seen riding his horse  among the fields. Ghostly apparitions of sentries also have been reported  along the hillside. No battle was ever fought here, but during the harsh  winter of 1777 into 1778 between two and three hundred soldiers died.


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