Lancaster County Paranormal Database

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  • Main Street: Several ghosts are seen strolling along the street. A black puppy follows  people around. The apparitions of two women are seen walking towards the  cemetery. Headless pigs have been reported in the streets near the Old Echtenach Distillery.


  • Rock Ford: This house was owned by General Edward  Hand. No one is sure if it's him or his son that haunts this place. General  Edward Hand died in the house and his son committed suicide there.  Due to  strange events occurring, no one would live in this house and eventually it  was turned into a Museum. Images and objects move seemingly on their own.


  • Railroad House Restaurant Bed & Breakfast: Thomas Scott, a former owner, is reportedly heard walking in the house  and around the grounds. Unexplained banging has been heard within the  walls of Room #6. Sounds of an unknown typewriter have been heard. A  ghostly figure has been seen sitting at the bar. People have sensed that  someone/something was getting into bed with them. An apparition of a  little girl in a Victorian dress has been seen in the kitchen and on the  stairway. A cottage on the grounds has been the sight where an elderly  woman has been seen rocking and knitting. In the garden, the apparition of  a young woman, has been seen, but only by single men. It is rumored she is  searching for a rich man to take care of her.

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