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  • The Inn at Maple Grove - An Indian is buried under  the fireplace. He was hung for showing affection towards a white girl. His  body was hung up in what is now the Main dining room. The  Indian ghost apparently get disturbed when you light a fire in the fireplace.
  • Old Hensingersville Hotel - A ghost name "Bucky" roams throughout  this building, mostly in and around the kitchen area, but reports of  footsteps and other paranormal activity have also been reported in the bar  area and the upstairs bedrooms.


  • in was in the corner of the dining room. The Wescosville Inn is  haunted by an unknown presence. This presence is often sensed in the front  dining room.


  • Resurrection Cemetery - A young  lady that lived across from the cemetery died in the 1940's from  Tuberculosis. She was buried in a white party gown. On dark nights, it has  been reported that a bright illuminated figure is seen walking along the  road. If you stop, she asks for a ride home because she is lost. But once  you get past the cemetery, the young lady disappears.


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