Monroe County Paranormal Database

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  • International Eatery: "Veronica" is the ghost that  haunts this restaurant. Her apparition has been seen gliding from the  kitchen towards the walk-in refrigerator. She first started appearing when  an old wooden writing desk was purchased and put in the lobby.


  • The Inn at Buck Hill Farms: The second and third floors are haunted by an unknown presence that chases  away the maids and the security personnel.
  • Skytop Lodge: Near this lodge is a place called Indian Ladder Falls. It is said to be haunted by Indians  who escaped from their captors by climbing the falls in the 1700's.


  • Starting Gate Ski Shop: The  image of a man has been seen walking in the Indian Museum section of the Ski  Shop. It's been said the life size statue of the Mesingwah (Bigfoot) also  roams the Poconos Forest.


  • American Legion Hall: A former member, Samuel Everitt, is thought to be responsible for the mysterious happenings here.  Ashtrays more on there own, footsteps are heard, and playing card change  color in front of witnesses.
  • Pines Hotel: This hotel was built in 1908. Many cleaning maids have been scared by a tall  well dressed ghost. No one is sure of his identity.


  • Analomink Rooming House: The glowing white form of a ghost known as "Beattie" haunts this building.  She appears as a young woman dressed in pants and a shirt and has appeared  in several rooms throughout the house., including the kitchen, on the  stairs, and in bedrooms. 
  • East Stroudsburg University The Fine Arts and Performing  Center: An icy cold entity is haunting this  center and defaces name plaques and steals objects. Its voice has been heard  many times. Also Hawthorne Residence Hall is supposedly haunted.
  • Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity House: The image of a woman sits near the fireplace and on the floors upstairs.
  • Sigma Pi Fraternity House: There is a very angry spirit in one of the upper rooms of this house.


  • Henryville Inn: This Inn is  now abandoned. A screaming lady ghost will awaken the caretakers in the  middle of the night. A former maid that hung herself from the basement steps  also haunts this Inn. Another entity is of a man who burned himself to  death.


  • Merwinsburg Inn/Merwin's  Place: Haunting this old Inn are the spirits of the Merwin family. Their laughter  and music are often heard on the second floor. White Orbs and apparitions  have appeared in the upstairs hallway and bedroom.


  • Shawnee Inn on the Delaware: A  ghost of a young woman has been seen in the Fort Deputy Building


  • Bonsor Road: This road has been  nicknamed Suicide Ridge, because alot of people have committed suicide along  this road. Three people hanged themselves along this road and one man  suffocated himself with carbon dioxide. Another man committed suicide.  Several ghostly apparitions have been seen in the Old Finkbeiner House.
  • Old Meisse House: A baby crying  and footsteps have been heard in the upstairs hall.


  • Tannersville Inn: A young  black man haunts this building. Employees have felt his presence in the  dining room. Swirling vortexes of light and energy have been noticed in  several rooms, and these have sometimes developed into the form of a man.


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