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  • Lehigh University Linderman Library: An elderly man  haunts the library. He is believed to be an unfriendly former regular at the  library. His malevolent spirit is not dangerous but more of a pest.
  • Leithsville Inn: A man who was lynched in the 1700's haunts the barn (where he was hung) and  the lobby of the Inn. His image has also been seen in the garage.
  • Moravian College: The tunnels below the College have  noisy ghosts that disrupt classes with loud banging and crashes. In the Phi Mu Epsilon Sorority attic room is the ghost of Alicia. Her boyfriend pushed  her down the stairs. An old couch in the Main Hall is haunted by an elderly  couple who sometimes are seen sitting on it.
  • Waldheim Club: A black shape ghost is seen in this singing club, most often in the barn,  lounge, and the kitchen. It has been nicknamed "Beethoven".


  • Churchman's Business College: This ghost is nicknamed "Easton's Ghost" because an ghostly unidentified  woman has been seen here so often. Her apparition has been seen on the steps  of the First Presbyterian Church and inside the Parsonage.
  • Easton Public Library: Over 500 graves were  uncovered during the construction of this library in 1903. Most bodies were  buried in other cemeteries, but about 30 bodies were never identified. They  were "dumped" in an underground vault. The Poltergeist activity that goes on  here is reportedly from these entities. Doors and drawers open and close for  no reason and visitors have reported being touched by "Invisible hands"  (sometimes the ghosts runs their fingers through your hair). Doors open and  slam shut. A  ghost named "Mammy Morgan" also has been seen walking the library grounds.
  • Northampton County Country Club: Margaret Getter's ghost has been seen walking the grounds around the club.  She is usually wearing an long black dress and a black bonnet. She was  killed by her husband and her body was found in an old quarry that was the  same site where the club now stands. Across from Easton is a small island  where Margaret's husband was hanged. His ghost has been seen walking around  the island.
  • State Theatre: The ghost of Fred Osterstock haunts  this theater. He was the former manager when it was a theater and then a  movie house.


  • Lock #23: Since the 1940's, a  lady in white has been seen floating over the water at this lock. She is  also seen walking along the towpath, and once chased a frightened witness  into the water. She has also been encountered at the restored Lock Tender's  House near the boulder marking Lock #23.


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