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  • Allen Lane - The apparition of A  Revolutionary War Soldier has been seen galloping down the street.  Occasionally his he seen carrying his severed head.
  • Baleroy - A ghost named "Amelia" haunts the  Blue Room. Her chair is in this room and she does not like anyone sitting in  it. Legend has it that if you do sit in it, you will meet an untimely  demise. At least four deaths have been blamed on the spirit that guards her  chair. A cold, ectoplasmic mist has been seen hanging around in the doorway  to the Blue Room. An old lady carrying a cane haunts the corner of the  second floor hallway. Thomas Jefferson's ghost has been reported to have  been seen standing beside a tall clock in the dining room. A ghostly monk  has appeared in the second floor master bedroom.
  • Belmont House - The four story  Belmont House was once part of the Belmont Race Track in the late 1800's.  Residents have claimed that the apparition of a young woman wearing dark  clothing roams the staircases.
  • Bolton  Mansion - The ghosts of a woman  searching the grounds and a small girl inside the mansion, also searching  for something, have been reported here. Footsteps have been heard walking  the floors. Orbs and EVP's have also been captured.
  • Church of Saint Luke - A statue  of Jesus Christ that sat twelve feet above the altar bled human blood from  its hands for nearly a year in 1975 to 1976. The statue was X-rayed and its  arms broken off and inspected, but no tubes or other signs of fakery were  uncovered.
  • The Civil War Library Museum -  The spirits of soldiers have been seen playing cards in the Lincoln Room on  the second floor of the library.
  • Crier in the Country Restaurant - Even when the Hall is empty, sounds of dinner parties have been heard. A  dark form was seen trying to surround a young boy in one of the third floor  bedrooms. Also haunted are the Ladies Room and the Lydia Room.
  • Davy Estate - A former servant  girl haunts this Victorian Mansion. This presence is usually seen in a third  floor bedroom. She usually smells like Bayberry.
  • Eastern State Penitentiary -  Many entities are found in this prison. Dark forms have been seen floating  along the cell blocks and cries and moans have also been heard.
  • Forest Hills Cemetery - A man  died in 1996 and his apparition of him appears in this cemetery dressed in a  black tuxedo. His image has been seen disappearing behind a headstone that  has a wedding picture imbedded in it. The photo of this man resembles the  apparition that has been seen.
  • Fort Mifflin on the Delaware -  A screaming lady haunts the second floor of the Officers Quarters. As far as  what's been reported, only young girls have seen her apparition. A faceless  ghost haunts Casemate 5. Castmate 1 has the ghost of a soldier warming  himself with a fire. Soldiers have also been seen in the far corner of the  Powder Room. The ghost of a Lamp Lighter has been seen wandering around the  fort lighting lanterns that are not there anymore. The ghost of Jacob, a  blacksmith, is said to move items around and is constantly opening up the  doors in the shop.
  • Gallagher Gift Shop - The  spirits of several small children are known to inhabit this building. Their  voices, crying and their footsteps have been heard.
  • Loudoun Mansion (Germantown) - The Loudoun  Mansion was built in 1801 over the graves of Revolutionary War Soldiers.  White lights, as well as Orbs have been seen moving and dancing throughout  the Mansion and over the surrounding grounds. A young women's spirit has  been seen sitting on the front porch and walking around the Mansion.  "Willie", a young boy who haunts this house, is reportedly the one who moves  objects and rearranges the books in the library.


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