Fall 2007 Elk Population

Today is:



As the Pennsylvania Game Commission continues to track and monitor the Elk herd, it is now estimated that there are more than 700 Elk roaming in Pennsylvania. Collars have been put on Elk calves to help the management of the herd. Of the 29 calves collared this year, 3 have died but no clear cause of death could be determined.  Pennsylvania has the oldest reintroduced, free ranging elk population east of the Mississippi River  The Elk today in Pennsylvania are descendants of 24 released in Cameron County in 1915 and 10 released in Elk County between 1924 & 1926. In ten counties between 1913 & 1926, a total of 177 Elk were released. Most of these Elk came from Yellowstone National Park. Today almost all Elk in Pennsylvania are found in Elk & Cameron Counties.

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