Edible foods

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  • Black Walnuts - In season from late September to October, these little green tennis ball looking nuts can be stomped on to expose the brittle, ridged interior shell and avoiding the liquid that will stain clothing and hands. The meat inside will add a rich, fruity flavor to trail mix, cereal, salads and soups. Grown in the midwest and east.
  • Butternut - In season from late August through September and about twice the size of a grape, these sticky, green lemon-scented butternut husk tapers at both ends like a spindle. These crunchy sweet nuts taste like pecans. Grown in the east and southeast.
  • Hazelnuts - In season from late August through September, these heart shaped nuts or filberts have a shell that needs to be dried and then cracked open to get to the oily meat inside. Grown in the east and southern Canada.

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