Colonel Dennings State Park
& Waggoners Gap

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We arrived at around 4 pm on Friday, October 19, 2007. No rain on the way down but as we were scouting the area, numerous downpours were occurring. We went to the beach at the Lake, checked out the bat house and the spillway. We went back to the campground around 5 pm and started setting up camp. It started raining again around 7 pm and the winds were picking up. The rain (more like a downpour) lasted about 45 minutes and with all the rain the creek beside us started to rise. The next morning we left for Waggoners Gap for the annual hawk migration. If you click on the pictures below - they will enlarge and a description will be shown.

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Located in Newville PA - Colonel Denning State Park is a 52 site rustic campground

Spillway at Doubling Gap Lake

Doubling Gap Lake

Doubling Gap Lake

another view of the small waterfall

Looking out over the Doubling Gap Lake

The spillway goes into a small creek

Doubling Gap Lake

colonel denning sp waggoners gap 2007-10-19 010

Colonel Denning State Park is located in Newville PA. It consists of hiking trails, picnic areas, swimming, ice skating, cross country skiing and camping. Fishing is allowed at the 3.5 acre Doubling Gap Lake. Three scenic overlooks are located in the nearby state forest lands. It rained the first night we were there and the small stream beside our conversion van rose dramatically over night.

Waggoners Gap

Hiking path to top of Waggoners Gap

The path is marked with orange birds painted on rocks

Top of Waggoners Gap

Looking out over Waggoners Gap

Waggoners Gap

At the top, it is very rocky

Looking out over the top of the mountain

Centipede on wood at Waggoners Gap

The Audobon’s Hawk Watch at Waggoners Gap is located on rte 74 north of Carlisle PA. We arrived Saturday, October 20, 2007 around 10 am and stayed for one hour. This location is known for watching the raptor migration. From August thru the middle of December, numerous hawks, eagles and other birds, use this mountain range as their migration route south. For the hour we were raptor watching, we viewed, photographed and captured on film, 1 black vulture, 4 black capped chickadees, 2 common ravens, 1 red bellied woodpecker, 1 nuthatch, 8 sharp-shinned hawks, 9 turkey vultures, and 1 northern harrier.

For more information on Waggoners Gap and the latest hawk migration count, visit - Waggoners Gap

Fall Foliage Somerset County October 2007

Fall Foliage Somerset County 2997

Fall Foliage Somerset County 2007

Fall Foilage Somerset County 2007

Fall Foliage along the Pennsylvania turnpike in Somerset County Pennsylvania

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