Staying Safe

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Ways to keep bears away

  • Store all food in the trunk and if possible 100 feet from your tent. Never store food in your tent as bears can smell a candy bar even if you have hidden it in a suitcase.
  • When eating, keep all food within arms reach and then when done eating put food away
  • Stay put if a bear shows up, defend your camp but do not run - Bears are known for chasing people that run away.
  • Act tough and stay in a tight group. Scream, yell, stomp your feet and throw rocks.
  • Look away - bears consider direct eye contact to be a challenge.
  • Carry pepper spray and use it if needed - this will deter most bears but beware, some bears may return after the pepper spray has worn off.
  • If a bear does take your food - let it go and do not chase the bear - food can be replaced.
  • Throw all trash in appropriate containers and take out of your campsite - bears love and can smell soda and bear cans

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