Bradford County Bigfoot reports1980-2002

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April 25, 2002 Towanda: A couple driving along route 220 near Towanda witnessed a large bipedal creature standing along side the road. Upon returning to the area, the creature was gone. Submitted by the PBS.

May 14, 2001: Bradford County: The same man as in the May 5, 2001 report. heard a series of “hoots” and then something again followed them as they were leaving the woods. Submitted by the PBS.

May 5, 2001: Bradford County: A man was walking in the woods, when he heard something striking a tree and then some rustling noises. Then about 30 to 40 yards behind him, again there was tree knocking. The witness then heard some “thing” walking in the woods following him. No smells or sighting occurred. Submitted by the PBS.

May 2001 near Wyalusing: While hiking on state game lands near a dam, a man finds a set of unusually large tracks in the mud. Submitted by the PBS.

May 2001 near Wyalusing: A man hiking in the game lands near Wyalusing, PA hears rustling in woods, than unknown animal follows man from woods to his car. Submitted by the PBS.

November 2000, Canton PA: A man hunting claimed he heard noises coming from pine trees below him. He could hear something walking near a tree. He looked to see something large and brown in color moving. He could see the back and hind end of the creature but no tail like a deer. He waited 10 minutes and walked to the fallen log. He found no animal and no tracks in the snow. He was convinced that what he saw was not a deer. Submitted by the PBS.

October 26, 2000: A man was archery hunting near Warren Center and had just finished gutting his deer. He heard strange very hoarse scream type vocalizations as he finished. He left the woods. To satisfy his curiosity, he returned the next day to find the gut pile completely gone and 15 inch long by 6 inch wide impressions in the ground. Submitted by the PBS.

August 27,28,29 2000 near Wyalusing: With activity reported in the area, PBS members traveled to Wyalusing to explore the area and look for evidence. On August 27 at a game lands, the members report hearing unusual hooting vocalizations entering and exiting the game lands. Members also hear heavy breathing coming from a wooded area near a dam. August 28, two members of the PBS are approached by an unseen animal. They hear unusual mumbling, grunting sounds and heavy footfalls. No creature is sighted. August 28 at night at the same location, members of the PBS hear heavy wood strikes on a tree in a field behind the researchers. A search of the area reveals no evidence. Submitted by the PBS.

Towanda: January 13, 1980: Witnesses found 17″ x 7 1/2″, 5 toed footprints in the snow. There was a 4′ 9″ span between the bi-pedal tracks. No creature was sighted. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.