Butler County Bigfoot report 1975 to 2004

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1995: Great Belt: September: At a farm, a husband and wife noticed their animals were getting increasingly agitated. When the husband went outside to investigate, he observed a creature completely covered with hair standing about 30 feet away. It stood about 8 to 9 foot tall with long arms and had glowing reddish-colored eyes.

1995? (or 1994): 11pm: near Evans City: Sounds were heard like the howls recorded in Columbiana OH but no creature was observed. This was the same location as the February 1992 sighting.

1992: February 3AM: near Evans City: Three witnesses were sitting around a campfire when they heard something walking around in the woods in front of them. One of the witnesses went inside the house to get another friend. The other two witnesses came in the house and were very frightened. They say they saw a large hairy, man-like creature standing in front of them. This creature stood 7 to 8 foot tall and had red eyes. The creature was kind of hunched over as it ran away.

1991: July 23, 1991: 4 am: State Game Lands: Fenelton: Two witnesses had walked along an access road and then headed towards their car. They both heard what sounded like rock against rock coming from the area they had just walked through. It was then suggested they get in the car. With the window down, one of the witnesses let out a loud “HEEUHHHAAAAAAW”. After this sound they then heard what sounded like wood on wood. With this they left the area.

1982: Prospect: at about the same location as the 1977 sighting: Two witnesses were walking near the sight of the 1977 sighting when they saw footprints in the mud. Supposedly there were casts made.

1977:Prospect: around midnight:
The witness was driving home when an upright creature walked in front of her car. It made no sound but just walked straight into the woods, not even looking at the witness in her car.

1975: February 1975: Mars: A railroad tunnel near Mars had collapsed and mysterious 3-toed footprints were found in the area. No creature was sighted. Several witnesses reported that large beams had been moved around on occasion. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.