Cameron County Bigfoot report 1977 to 2001

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July 20, 2001 near Grove Run: A man was sleeping at his campsite when he was awoken around 3:15 am. He heard the heavy footfalls of an animal coming down the hillside towards his campsite. The animal walked between the witness and the campfire. The witness saw that the animal was an 8 foot tall creature covered in glistening long black hair and walked on two legs like a human. No facial features were visible. The arms hung to its knees. He also heard the creature making heavy breathing sounds. The creature continued down the hill towards the creek and disappeared into the darkness. Although the man did not feel threatened, he did feel that the creature was still around and watching him in the darkness.

1988: Elk State Forest, Sinnemahoning: Three campers were trying to find the road were they parked their vehicle. One of them found the road and was standing on it, when he looked into the woods and saw a shadowy creature following his two friends. He yelled to his friends, the creature then stopped and turned to look at the camper on the road. The camper on the road looked at his friends to see how they were doing and when he turned back to look at the creature it was gone. This sighting occurred in the daytime. There was only one creature, approximately 7 feet tall, and it was about 200 yards away from the camper on the road. The creature was dark in color, had arms to its knee area, with a round head. The camper couldn’t make out any facial details. It appeared to have no neck and was walking with a loping manner, hunched over at the upper back. Submitted by: Paul Johnson.

1977 near Kettle Creek Park: While camping at a hunting camp, several men hear a loud thump on the cabin porch. The men see a large hair covered creature walk across the porch to the door and it begins pushing and kicking the door trying to gain entry. After a few minutes the creature ran off towards the outhouse. A few minutes later, the men hear a loud piercing scream. The next day as the men traveled to town for supplies, one of the men saw the creature following the truck about 75 yards away. When the truck stopped, the creature hid from sight.