Union County Bigfoot report 1991

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1991: June 7: White Deer Township: White Deer Creek Road: This sighting occurred at 5:01 am in a highly wooded and mountainous area. The witnesses had camped overnight and were heading out of the forest. They stopped the vehicle and heard loud noises in the woods. A deer came out of the woods and up an embankment about 40 yards ahead of them. The noises continued and then that’s when they saw a tall jogger follow the same trail the deer took. But they soon realized it was not human. It was around 7 1/2 foot tall and weighed around 450 pounds. It was covered in stringy brown hair and had an ape like appearance. The witnesses did see the eyes. They had no whites to them and appeared large and black with no glow to them. At first no odor was present, but within a few seconds they smelled a sour, sweaty aroma. The arms came to within 2 inches of the creatures’ knees. The creature took a step towards the witnesses at which point they climbed back in the vehicle. The ape like creature then took off down the road and disappeared into the woods. The area was pretty dry, but they did find one footprint measuring 16 inches with five toes.