Elk in Pennsylvania

Views: 94Current estimation of the elk herd (2022) in Pennsylvania is 1400. Elk in Pennsylvania were…

Black Walnuts

Views: 104Black Walnuts – In season from late September to October, these little green tennis ball…

Massive T-rex footprints found on UK beach

Views: 124T-Rex footprints Dog walkers were bemused after waking up to find giant dinosaur footprints dotted…

ghost #3

Views: 95Coming Soon .. stay tuned ..

ghost #2

Views: 87Coming Soon .. stay tuned ..

Report a Ghost/Paranormal Experience

Views: 105If you have had a paranormal experience, please feel free to fill out the form…

Bigfoot #1

Views: 100Coming Soon .. stay tuned ..

Bigfoot #2

Views: 99Coming Soon .. stay tuned ..

Bigfoot #3

Views: 87Coming Soon .. stay tuned ..

Dandelion – weeds or food?

Views: 99Uses For Dandelions: What To Do With Dandelions Dandelions [1] are considered weedy pests to many people,…