Adams County Bigfoot reports: 1992 to 2004

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February 29, 2004 Waynesboro Reservoir: Two unusual tracks discovered in snow.   There were no tracks leading too or away from the tracks. The tracks did not resemble human or any known animal tracks. Submitted by the PBS.
April 2003 Waynesboro: One unusual track is discovered along side a dirt road.  The track measured 15 inches long. Submitted by the PBS.

February 14, 2002 Waynesboro Reservoir: Two brothers visiting the reservoir discover over 300 unusual tracks that walk the distance of the reservoir.  Rick Fisher investigates, and casts several tracks. The discovery of the tracks draws attention of the local media, game wardens and hundreds of curiosity seekers.  No creature was sighted.  Submitted by the PBS.

January 1998 GettysburgA man and his wife were driving home at about 1 AM (this night was very clear and moonlight) on Rte. 116 between Gettysburg & Fairfield, when a 7 to 8 foot tall creature stepped over a fence and walked across the road in front of them. It easily stepped over a 4 to 5 foot fence and crossed the road in only 2 or 3 steps. The animal stopped in the middle of the field and looked back at the car. At this time the man stopped the car to observe the creature.  The creatures hair was mostly dark brown to black but also appeared to be reddish in color. Both witnesses stated that the creatures eyes were very peculiar. They were very visibly red even then the cars headlights were not shining into them.

October 1997: Michaux State Forest near Tick Tock and Pine Ridge Lane: This sighting occurred in a forest at a high elevation where there are mainly white pines, oaks and enormous amounts of mountain laurel and rhododendrons. The witness awoke for a morning bow hunt. He walked a half a mile or so to an area where deer sightings had previously occurred. He was walking towards his deer stand when he heard this noise that scared the “H—” out of him, but continue on to his tree stand. Shortly after daybreak, he heard several deer crashing through the laurel towards him. It appeared that something had spooked or startled them. A few minutes later he heard a kind of a strange crunching sound coming towards him. The witness saw several flashes of brown hair through the thick laurel. He then realized it was a bipedal creature standing about 7 to 8 foot tall. It was covered in matted hair. Then two more creatures approached very fast. These two stopped and he got a fairly good look at them. One appeared smaller than the first one and it was dragging a baby along with it.  These two fled the area very quickly and it seemed as if they were following the first one. The creatures smelled like foul garbage.

June 1997: Michaux State Forest: This incident occurred just before dusk, just off of Rte. 233N, 7 miles north of Rte. 30, elevation around 1800 feet. The witness was sitting on his deck when he heard two howls, similar to a howler monkey, but the strength and duration of these two howls was absolutely phenomenal.

June 1992/1993: Gettysburg: This incident occurred on the porch of a cabin. The witness, about 10 years old, was trying to fall asleep around 10 pm, when he heard a few stomps outside of his window. This creature, which appeared to be 5 1/2 to 6 foot tall passed by the window (the curtain was closed). The creature had a fairly large head and very broad shoulders. The next morning he went outside to investigate and there was a very large footprint. It was very visible because surrounding it was dirt and bits of grass.