Allegheny County Bigfoot reports 1956 to 2003

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August 2003 Monroeville: A man was driving in an area that was recently logged.  He was driving on a back access road when he came across what he first thought was a man wearing a fur coat.  Upon driving closer to the creature, he quickly discovered it was not a man but a creature sitting on a pile of rocks.  The creature turned and looked at him, then back at the woods.  The man fled in his car. Submitted by the PBS.

September to November 2002 near Tarentum:  
Family claims to hear loud screams around house late at night.  PBS investigates finds no evidence.  Man claims he has a sighting on October 6, 2002. PBS members are on site an no evidence is found.  Investigation lasted from September to the spring of 2003.  Game cams and recording devices were left, but no evidence was collected. Submitted of the PBS.

June 6, 2001: near wildlife preserve: The same witness as in the sighting in May 1999, was again on her property checking out a Perc test. She glanced ahead on the road and got a glimpse, of a set of black legs. She could make out a black shadow at about 20 feet from her in the tree line. The creature then took a tremendous jump out from behind the bush and in a blur it was gone. Other unusual things have happened, like hearing screams and howls after sunset, wood knocking on wood, seeing something high in a tree that looked like a small orangutan. Submitted by the PBS.

Yough Trail: April 1 2000: The witness saw a fresh footprint in a soft spot on the trail. He put his boot next to it and it was the same size as his size 11 boot. He could see where it walked in the grass to the trail. A bigger set of tracks were about 20 feet over from the size 11 footprint. The smaller tracks left the trail and walked alongside the much bigger tracks. The 2 sets of tracks walked next to each other and went along a small stand of trees and then turned and went up the creek. Submitted by the PBS.

May 1999: Rural area near wildlife preserve: It was mid afternoon on a hot and dry day. The witness and her dog were hiking for about an hour when she observed a puzzling shape on the ground about 100 yards away. The shape seemed to be rolling around on the ground. It stood up and walked across the trail. The creature was all black with a head that sat directly above its shoulders. It then want up a very brambly, bushy and stony mountainside. This trail seemed impassable but the creature went up this hill easily. The witness could not make out any marks or footprints on the hard and dry path. Submitted by the PBS.

Sewickley September 1997: A witness sitting on his porch heard a high pitch screech. He turned to his left to see a large 8 to 9 foot white colored human like creature running towards the woods. This happened on a bright moonlight night and the weather was very cold.

Summer 1991: Tarentum: At dusk, the witness observed in his peripheral vision a creature 8 to 9 foot tall. This sighting was about 1/2 mile into the woods from his house. The creature had long brownish and silver/grey hair. The witness shot at the creature. Submitted by the PBS

Thanksgiving Thursday 1987: Pittsburgh: A mother and her son saw a long-haired gold-colored creature about 200 feet away. The son was too far away to see any detail, but he also heard tramping and heavy walking in the woods. He watched for a minute or 2 and then went back to work cleaning bricks. When he looked up again, it was gone. Submitted by: Paul Johnson.

1983: Port Vue:  While hunting birds in the cemetery, a young man witnesses two huge hair covered legs up to the waist.  He also felt like he was being followed and hears heavy footfalls. Submitted by the PBS.

August 18, 1979: White Oak: Witnesses saw a large, hairy creature with red eyes. It was about 50 yards away. At the entrance of a nearby mine 3-toed footprints, 16″ long, were found. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

August 15, 1979: White Oak: Witnesses observed a large, dark colored creature near their home. It gave out a “blood chilling” scream. At first their dog began barking but then it started whimpering and cowering. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

August 5, 1978: Forest Hills: Witnesses detected a sulfur odor and heard what sounded like a large creature breaking branches and screaming that sounded like an animal was being killed. No physical traces were found by investigators. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

July 11, 1978: Allison Park: No creature was sighted, but witnesses heard something running through the yard and hitting the side of the house. They found two, 18″ x 8″ footprints. The impressions were difficult to see but appeared to have 5 toes. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

1977: Coaltown: A woman observed a large, hairy bi-pedal creature standing at the bottom of a ladder which was leaning against her home. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon

July 20, 1977: Glenshaw: A neighbor from the July 19th 1977 sighting in Glenshaw, Allegheny County detected a strange odor like “rotting flesh”. Her Siberian Husky was tied up outside but would not come out of the dog house when she called. She also noted the unusual absence of night noises. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

July 19, 1977: Glenshaw: At around 1 AM, A women detected an uncomfortable aroma like a decaying animal and her 3 English Setters were whimpering and crying. She also noticed the absence of night noises. The next day she discovered a circular impression near an evergreen tree close to her home. The impression was not there the previous day when she mowed the lawn. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

June 16, 1977: Glenshaw – Allison Park: The same man that had the creature sighting on June 15 in the Glenshaw – Allison Park area heard similar noises to the ones he heard the day before. His dogs began whining and acting scared. These noises were coming from the same area behind his swimming pool. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

June 15, 1977: Glenshaw – Allison Park: A spotlight was illuminating an area where a man observed a hairy creature on its knees drinking water from an above ground swimming pool. When the creature arose, it was nearly 8 foot tall with long black hair. It walked into the woods and began making strange grunting and squealing noises and breaking branches. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

February 29, 1976: Oakdale: Two witnesses came within 30 feet of an 8 foot tall, dark, hairy creature with long arms. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon

1975: North Hills: A man turned on an outside light and observed a tall, bi-pedal, hairy creature walk into the nearby woods. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

July 1975: Gibsonia: An 8 foot tall creature with large green eyes was reported looking into the window of a house trailer. Claw marks were found near the top of the screen door. Also in the area 14″, 3-toed footprints were found near an abandoned tunnel. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

May 1975:  Etna: Five witnesses standing in a used car lot observed 3 hairy creatures at a distance during the daylight hours. The creatures were too far away to see any detail, but the witnesses assumed that there was a male, a female and a juvenile based on their sizes. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

May 1975: North Hills: Two female school teachers were driving along Harts Road at 1AM when they saw a 12′ tall, hairy figure cross the road in front of them. The creature looked at them with glowing red eyes before walking up a steep 30 foot embankment and disappearing into the woods. Investigators found 21 inch long, 3-toed footprints impressed at least five inches into the hard soil. The tracks were five feet apart, a difficult feat for a human to reproduce on the 45 degree embankment. The investigators followed the tracks for about 700 feet into the forest before the footprints disappeared. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

April 1975: Bradford Woods: Some children on their way to school saw a Bigfoot type creature watching them near a short-cut path they normally take. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

March 28, 1975: North Park: After dark, two women were driving north on South Montour Road when they saw a 7 foot tall hairy bi-pedal creature on the left side of the road. The creature turned and walked “INTO” a steep embankment. The creature’s eyes reflected an orange color in the beams of the headlights.  Submitted by:  Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

March 28, 1975: North Park: Two PCUFOR investigators were driving on South Montour Road in the hope of seeing the Bigfoot creature that had been sighted on previous occasions. It was around 12 midnight when they observed 2 tall figures with red eyes approaching the car, as if trying to circle the witnesses. The investigators snapped several pictures and immediately vacated the area. The pictures only vaguely showed the eyes. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/ Stan Gordon.

December 29, 1974: Some boys were looking out their window and observed a 7 foot tall hairy bi-pedal creature peering at an outside lighted Christmas tree. The creature turned and ran into the woods. The investigators found a 16″ long, 4-toed, fan-shaped footprint. It was 12″ wide at the toes and 6″ wide at the heel. Its running stride was 14 feet. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

Summer 1971: Allison Park: During an afternoon, a male witness observed a tall, grey ape-like creature at a distance in an open field. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

Late summer 1971: Hampton Township: Two witnesses were sitting along a pipeline talking when they heard a loud bird-like sound. As they stood up to check out where the sound came from, the witnesses observed a 7 to 9 foot grey and white creature standing on two legs about 20 yards away from them. No other details were noticed. (note: in the mid 70’s casts were taken at this same sight. They measured 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches by 18 inches in length.)

1970: A few miles from Emsworth June 16, 1970: 
two boys saw what they described as a Chewbacca looking creature. Strange noises, like grunts, growling, snarling  and screams were also heard in the woods near their house. The area around the witnesses house had lots of berry bushes and a small  orchard.

Fall 1956, Pittsburgh near route 51 and Woodruff street:  While playing in a wooded area near Chattam Village, a young boy is followed by a large hairy dark reddish or orange colored creature.