Elk County Bigfoot report 1992

Visits: 13

August 5th, 1992: near the State Game Lands: This sighting occurred late evening. Three male campers heard strange, high-pitched vocalizations. In the flashlight beam, one of the campers saw the legs of a hairy, bi-pedal creature. The creature had 6 to 8 inches of long glistening black hair. One of the witnesses tried to take a picture with a flash camera. The flash apparently scared the creature because it ran uphill. It sounded as if the creature stood on a plateau above them and started screaming. It appeared as if another creature was screaming back at the first creature. The vocalizations were loud, high pitched, and drawn out. They tried to take another picture. Both attempts were unsuccessful, but they could see red eyes reflected by the flash. They witnesses climbed into their truck and from the truck they observed one bi-pedal creature cross in front of them where the campfire was. Submitted by: Paul Johnson.