Erie County Bigfoot report 1998 to 2004

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July 3, 2004: Fairview: A man riding his bike behind a housing project witnesses a white 3 foot tall creature running through the woods. Submitted by the PBS.

November 2003: Presque Isle: A man witness large human like form swimming in Lake Erie. Submitted by the PBS.

March 2003: Edinboro: PBS/PRO members travel to area to investigate reports of unusual vocalization and the discovery of a large bone pile. A possible footprint was found.

2002: July13: 2:30am – 3am: near Erie: While driving southbound on I79, two truck drivers were discussing what they just saw. Then I saw a 6 to 7 foot tall creature cross the road in front of me.

1998: June: West Springfield: A camp counselor was watching over a group of kids around a fire, when two of the kids walked off into the woods. When the counselor went to get the two kids, on the trail he saw a large figure cross the path and then turned around and crossed the trail again. This figure was larger than a man. When the counselor went back the next day, he found nothing out of the ordinary.