Northumberland County Bigfoot report 1980 & 1995

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October 14, 1995 3:00PM: Shamokin: Three boys were walking up a power line clear cut towards a field where they planned to play ball. They heard a high-pitched screaming sound, followed by running and loud footfalls throughout the woods. Then about 100 yards away an 8 foot tall hairy bi-pedal creature stepped into the clear cut and continued to scream. There was no hair on its stomach, but it did have long hair on its head down to its shoulders. There was no neck visible on the creature. It stood bent at the knees and had arms just above its knees. The boys turned and ran. Submitted by Paul Johnson.

1980: Boyles Run: September: Near Dornsife Mountain: A witness heard strange mumbling and screeching sounds coming from a wooded area. He detected an odor like an old cigar. The witness later found a 17″ x 6″ 5 toed footprint.

1980 Boyles Run: September: A witness observed a tall, hair biped walking through a cornfield.

1980 Boyles Run: September: A witness heard strange screaming and heavy breathing sounds after dark. The next day he found a 17″ long 5 toed track that was not shaped like a human footprint.