Washington County Bigfoot report 1975 – 1995

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1995: January 5: Hahn Rd: Canonsburg: It was early AM before dawn, when the witness was driving to work and a hairy bi-ped creature crossed the road about 75-100 yards ahead of the vehicle.

1994: February 5 & 6: North Strabane Township: A bigfoot creature was reported on the 5th and tracks were found in the snow on the 6th. The sighting was around 2pm. The witness was looking out her kitchen window when she saw a tall, hair covered creature walk thru a large field about 200 yards away. The creature’s hair was black, and it walked with long strides. It appeared to have no neck. Her son also observed the creature. The next day along the railroad tracks, footprints were found. They had five toes and measured 18 inches x 8 1/2 inches wide. They area between the footprints was 50 inches.

1992: July or August: near Wylandville School: The witness observed 4 bi-pedal creatures crossed the road about 50 to 60 feet in front of him. Two were between 7 foot to 8 foot tall and the other two creatures were between 5 foot to 6 foot tall. They were walking erect, had dark shaggy hair with long ape like arms. This sighting occurred around 10 pm and were seen in the headlights.

June 1985: Long Branch Borough: It began in early June with piercing screams, lasting 5 to 10 seconds in duration. The witnesses said the sounds were impossible to describe. Then later in June, the man’s Uncle and his 8 year old son, along with the next door neighbors were working on the barn. They observed 2 or 3, 8 to 9 foot tall hairy bi-pedal creatures standing 100 yards away and watching them work on the barn. The creatures did not move, but could be seen in silhouette in the field. The witnesses were looking downhill at the creatures and just continued working on the barn. Submitted by: Paul Johnson.

September 1979: 5:00PM: Lagonda Township: This sighting occurred in a rural area that is wooded, hilly, grassy, and with hard soil. There are a few streams and possibly some caves in the area. Three witnesses, a mother, her daughter, and the neighbor boy, were in the back yard on the porch when they observed a tall, hairy creature emerge from a wooded area, move quickly across an open area before disappearing into a corn field. The duration of the sighting was between 1 to 2 minutes and was about 500 feet away. No odors or noises were detected. This bi-pedal creature stood approximately 7 foot tall, was slightly stooped at the shoulders, moved in a loping manner, and had long arms that hung well below its knees. It had coal black hair covering its entire body. The strides the creature was taking was much longer than a human could accomplish. There was too much hair on its body to notice whether it had a neck. No facial characteristics were observed. It had extraordinarily broad shoulders. As far as the witnesses could tell the creature did not see them. Submitted by: Paul Johnson.

November 16, 1977: Washington County: A farmer who was experiencing a series of UFO sightings on his property also had a bigfoot sighting. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

July 14, 1975: Washington County: A father and son driving in an automobile on I-70 observed an 8 foot tall, brown, hairy creature with red eyes run across the road in front of their vehicle. The creature disappeared by running up an embankment. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.

July 10, 1975: Washington County: A State Policeman observed a 7 foot tall, bi-pedal figure in his headlight beams around 4AM. The creature had a large head which was pointed at the top. It was walking stooped over. Submitted by: Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon.